a mind & gut brain
is in control of within nature,
don’t let it dilute with out fullness’s mind
and gut controlling techniques in all forms & shapes ~

a mind go out to get in control by in & out nature
through its color – shapes & strength of all sizes,
which affect depth of every breath within,
can’t escape chain of out flow ~


an awareness

whether a breath sitting in calm space or noisy race,
a within breath is struggling with inner flow of keeping
away haze ~
learn to master a focus of inner breath’s every phase ~

a fullness fear of being alone can be overcome within love of whole self ~

breathe within honey breezy beezy ~

a breath in inner health is whole wealth, an infinite foot breathing journey starts within first breath breathing healthy flow in every nano second ~

seek within questions and rephrase, there are no answers and be aware ~

don’t hurt inner self, be strict with self-fullness to not let it keep dividing and be aware ~

forget about other fullness’s – their breathing outcomes are their path’s journey (including what they feed, think, choices, views, opinions) and be aware ~

think of other fullness’s judgements & opinions as your shortcomings to overcome self-fullness and assert inner oneness and be aware ~

a breath is breathing quietly oneness flow & does not like to shout and this is how it is strengthening inner nature just like whole nature ~

may a breath be dual quiet to empath whole within still ~

losses & gains are breathing outcomes of inner choices breathing outcomes, accept & acknowledge and be aware

be aware of breathing angry breaths squeezing hot tears, unknowingly it is adding heat in gut combustion breathing more heat ~

be aware of breathing more cool tears coming out in mesmerizing of within breath to add coolant in gut brain ~

though keep cool within self dual eyes ~

in an end a breath starts a new beginning breath for whole life ~

manifest a thought breathing in an empty fest ~

thank whole mother nature ~