a f(awe)lt


a healing of haum (hohm)

in present sacred dual does not believe in buying expensive
or rare supplements or treatments or any kind of food which
a fullness thinks it as a super food & let a heal to work
on whole level within & without ~

a fullness forgetting everything (which forgets nothing for
whole to have whole eye on nothing) for whole healing can
breathe with ordinary breathing red, blue & green nature to
heal whole ordinary oneness flow in inner breathing ~

in present times, fullness has gone to extremes to achieve
out focus wealth with no emphasis on inner wealth ~
opting for medicines which are artificial chemicals
does suppress dual pain for fullness view of dual time,
an unknown fullness is not aware of attracting karmic
nature for suppressing pain and not working on whole
level supporting whole nature which requires breath
to breathe whole time ~

a breath needs to know to whole heal should start with
an awareness of inner elements (fire, air, earth, water)
breathing within, a fullness has plenty of dual time to
go out and to do means of fullness’s worth but have no
time to understand what quality of air breathing in,
what quality of fire is attracting feed,
what quality of earth is breathing a stable one flow,
what use of inner space is allocating itself to fullness & lessness ~

let it be an inner being breathing whole breath ~

thank one whole nature ~