a within or with out


herbal teas

sacred dual reveil herbal teas as sacred inks which cleanses a gut system
for breathing to reach inner depths of whole flow ~

a breath’s birth spaces have special significance for herbs & spices
grown in that geographical space, because elements of within breathing
aligns with out geographical space elements ~

eat & drink local & think within oneness

however whole mother earth is within breathing herbs & spices
of whole nature and works for whole healing of
all kinds of nature ~

ccf tea – cumin-corriander-fennel

a ccf which are whole nature’s baby group of spices,
(i.e. for a breath to start with ccf for consuming very first intake of spices),
which works on whole level of inner cleanse for
within breathing ~

what adds whole punch to ccf tea is whole secret?

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for routine

keep it practicing strictly for 3 days & nights
without any change for routine to be effective ~
a repeated routine works from 3 hrs to 3 d-n
or may be 3 months depending upon how dense
is gut brain’s processing ~

for breathing target to stay hydrated then one should consume tea form,
for breathing target tissue fat one should consume powdered form ~

having tea does mean to sip slowly while listening to nature
& let it work its within wonders ~
however there are many ways to put it inside gut brain ~
make it bulk in morning and sip it all day &
it will churn sleep in night ~

always remember to drink at warm or room temperatures
for any drink, because acid in gut is burning lava ~
with consumption of cold water, gut will change
shape and size of balancing bacteria instantly
causing unease though at subtle level ~

one can even try before a workout ~

a note for fullness to shed old habits of attaching
dual labels to all kinds of nature ~
from now onwards think healing on whole level
for self & including whole ~

before every sip thank whole mother nature,
for healing sacred dual is whole ritual ~

thank whole mother nature ~