muladhara chakra

muladhara chakra

mulmutra-adhar chakra
a faces-urine will form a base of breathing within oneness flow in gut

an efficient waste system for healthy flow in gut
a breathing structure for body-mind-innerhome to thrive

when a base is clear of obstacles within flow,
rest of others will flow in effort lessness energy breathing,
a base is generating whole flow of sacred dual energy,
a stable base for earth associated within 4 energy petals

a basic qualities of chakra is to elate
breathing within with survival, security & safety

a clear gut will let whole (body) breathing survive (health)
for within flow as security (for whole form as shelter) &
safety that family members will keep healthy flow within

a breathing is whole possession of accumulation of healthy flow

a breathing is whole preservation of inner
species participating in healthy flow

an identity has nothing to do within breathing

an unbalanced gut will fall for self-centeredness,
inertia and focus is on fullness desires

a within survival a safe and healthy flow will let a
breath keep flowing within vitality & vigor within growth

a breath is born to percept a nature within

a breathing is prosperous within

an efficient survival breathing root system within

thank whole mother root nature